Has Yunus Bey Tomb – Hagios Euplos Chapel



South of Enez, in the Ottoman graveyard, there is a small chapel, referred to among the townsfolk by the name of Has Yunus Bey, the conqueror of Enez. This building which has a semicircular plan on the East side, with its apse covered by a convex semi-dome, must have been built as a burial chapel during the Byzantine era.

This building has all the major details of a church architecture. Inside, the chapel is shaped like a cross with arms with nearly identical dimensions of 5.8 m. in the East-West direction, and 5.1 m. in the North-South direction. Since this ground plan is also reflected on the outside this type of architectural is called a�?free crossa�� in Christian architecture and indicates that it is an example of the ancient grave monument tradition. The arms of the cross are covered by barrel vaults, and in the middle a

pendative dome rises.

The dome is 1.65 m. high and is surrounded by four window openings with the dimensions of 15 x 60 cm. each. On the East side of the building, there is a convex apse with a semicircle plan, covered by a semi-dome. The ground-plan of the building, and the overall character of its structure reflect Byzantine workmanship.

Originally its entrance was on the West side. After it was converted into a tomb this door was closed and another one was opened up in the North arm of the cross. Inside the South arm of the cross there stands a simple sarcophagus.

A quite similar building to this chapel is the Gala Placidia Mausoleum in Ravenna, which was built in the years 450-452.

Another building which is very similar to the one in Enez, can be seen in Doclea in KaradaAY. Beside these, the same type of chapel can be seen in KaradaAY near Karaman, in MadenAYehir and in central Anatolia.

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