Roads and Bridges

It was open for traffic until the 18th century, and through this waterway the Balkans and the Black Sea were accessible. Throughout history, the river MeriA� (Evros/Maritsa) carried the Balkan and Thracian trade; this lasted until the silt carried by the river filled out the mouth of the river and rendered the waterway and the ports unusable. As well as the waterways, there was a highly advanced highway network in Enez. One of the most important of these is the Enez-Fere road, still in existence, referred to as the a�?father killer walka�? among the locals. It was built out of large stone blocks.


The road that starts out from Enez follows the Northern direction passing through the foot of the HisarlA� Mountain and Gala lake and veers towards North West at the DA�ken farm. At this point, passing through Armutlu and Gala lakes, in Fere it merges with the Via Egnetia, a military and trade road between Rome and Istanbul. Along this road there are bridges and stations at intervals.



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