Roman Villa

Roman Villa

The Roman period villa which is one of the focus points of the Ainos excavation is situated in the Gazi Ömer Bey District, in a garden liying opposite the district president lodging’s. The villa spreads out below five private houses. Excavation can only be conducted in those areas which were expropriated. Thus, the excavations revealed only some parts of the middle courtyard, a single room, the kitchen and the bathroom while other sections of the villa could not be excavated. For this reason, information regarding the ground-plan of the villa is incomplete. Even so, the finds reveal rather important information.

The mosaic floor found in the courtyard is 6.00 m. long and 1.85 wide. Both sides of the mosaic end with a wide border band only of white tesserae. Inside the borders there are bands with maeander figures laid out gingerly with white and black tesserae. In the area between these, there are round figures composed of four leaves.

The single room lies in the North part of the villa and measures 2.50 x 4.00 m. The floor is covered by multi-colored stones arranged to form figures and geometric designs. The type of stones used for the mosaic floor, the design of the com-position, and the fine workmanship, all indicate that this was an important villa. The focal point of the composition is a panel of three figures. Around this, there are other framed panels inscribed with geometric designs. These main designs are framed by a 40 cm. border of white stones.

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8 panels are placed around this main composition of the mosaic. On the sides there are rectangular, on the corners there are square panels. In the middle of the rectangular side panels, there is a diamond pattern with a rosette similar to a four leaved clover, in the middle. On the pointed corners of the diamond, pelte (halfmoon-shaped) designs have been placed, thus covering the empty spaces.

This imagery is repeated in all of the rectangular panels around the main panel with figures.

Square panels located around the corners of the figured panel have a wickerwork design which add an additional beauty to it. A narrow band with designs of spiral-shaped waves surrounds the panels’ outside.

Beside the architectural pieces belonging to the courtyard, a bronze Nike, a Serapis head, a dressed woman figurine, other small finds and coins have been found on the mosaic floor.

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